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About ARI in Children You Need to Understand

ARI is a respiratory disorder that often affects infants and children. When attacked by ARI, children tend to become lethargic, fussy, and less willing to eat. In order not to be confused in dealing with your child when he was exposed to ARI, you need to know things about ARI in children and how to treat it. ARI is a disease that occurs due to infection in the upper respiratory tract. These channels include the nose, nasal cavity and sinuses, throat (pharynx) and vocal cords (larynx). ARI can appear suddenly and can be experienced by anyone, especially children and the elderly. Whereas in adults, ARI is more common in people who smoke or are exposed to cigarette smoke and pollution. ARI can describe several infectious diseases in the respiratory tract of children, such as flu, inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis), sinusitis, epiglotitis, or inflammation of the vocal cords. Causes and Symptoms of ARI in Children to Watch Out for The main causes of ARI are viral infections, su
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Wasp sting and Relief You Need to Know

Wasp stings can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, it is important to recognize the first aid kit and choice of wasp bitten as needed to overcome and prevent serious reactions due to wasp stings. Most wasp stings can heal on their own. But in people who are allergic, wasp stings can continue to be an anaphylactic shock reaction. This condition is classified as dangerous and must immediately get medical help. Recognize First Aid and Medication with the Wasp Stung When experiencing a wasp sting, there are several first aid steps that can be done, namely: 1. Remove the sting as soon as possible If there are stinging thorns still on the skin, remove them immediately! The trick is to use a flat-tipped flat object, such as an ATM card to squeeze the stinging tip embedded in the skin, then push it out. It is not recommended that you pinch the sting with your fingers or tweezers, because it risks pushing the sting deeper and causing the remaining poison in the sting t

Causes of Breast Pain

Pain in the breast often cause concern. Dangerous and what causes it. Is there a way to deal with breast pain? Check out the following explanation. Pain in the breast or mastalgia can be felt at the top of the outside of the breast and spread to the armpits and arms. No need to worry too much when experiencing breast pain, because this does not necessarily indicate you have breast cancer. In addition, breast cancer also usually has other symptoms, not only in the form of pain. The pain that is usually complained of is piercing or tightness in the breast. This kind of pain usually feels only a few days, for example before or during menstruation, for one week or more in a month. There are several causes that generally trigger breast pain, including: Menstrual cycle Generally, breast pain related to the menstrual cycle is felt three days before menstruation and will improve after menstruation is complete, although the intensity of pain can vary each month. Breast inflammation